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Operation Find Cindy

-She sat crouched in the bottom of the wardrobe located in Charming’s study. Her knees ached and her back ached, yet she stayed still. It was like she couldn’t move; like she was trapped in that position within the wardrobe forever.-

-Remembering the look on Aurora’s face as she turned and left that castle sent a single tear rolling down her cheek and a surge of pain through her chest. She couldn’t help but be angry at Aurora for the troubles she had now brought into her life - best friend or not.-

-She sniffled, and there was a tiny knock on the wardrobe door-

"Your majesty," -Whispered a palace guard. The door opened just a crack and he presented her with what appeared to be lunch. Grudgingly, she accepted the food.- "Your husband has returned, shall I inform him of your current…..situation?" 

-Shaking her head no, she took a bite of bread.- "Very well then," -said the guard; gently shutting the wardrobe and exiting the study.-

-Cinderella knew better than to think the guard was going to keep her whereabouts from her husband, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t hope that he would.- 

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